First Name Last Name Title
Radoslaw Adamczak
Sylvain Arlot Optimal model selection with V-fold cross validation: how should V be chosen?
Yannick Baraud
Witold Bednorz Upper and lower bounds for stochastic processes
Sergey Bobkov
Sébastien Bubeck
Dariusz Buraczewski On multivariate solutions of a class of stochastic equations
Djalil Chafaï About non-Hermitian random matrices
Yohann de Castro l1-geometry and locally linear processes: a Rice Method proof of the null-space property
Paul Deheuvels
Nathalie Eisenbaum
Jose Enrique Figueroa-Lopez Optimally thresholded realized power variations for Léy jump diffusion models
Nathael Gozlan Transport proofs of variance estimates for some classes of log-concave vectors
Vladimir Koltchinskii
Mikhail Lifshits Taut strings accompanying Wiener process
Karim Lounici
Mokshay Madiman Rearrangements and the entropy power inequality
David Mason Strong approximations to a quantile process based on independent fractional Brownian motions
Mario Milman
Ivan Nourdin Stein's method, logarithmic Sobolev and transport inequalities
Krzysztof Oleszkiewicz Precise moment and tail estimates for Rademacher sums in terms of weak parameters
Giovanni Peccati
Magda Peligrad
Ionel Popescu Refinements of the free Poincare inequality
Jay Rosen Loop measures and loop soups
Qi-Man Shao In memory of Wenbo V Li's contributions
Maud Thomas Concentration inequalities for order statistics: Using the entropy method and Renyi's representation
Joel Tropp Matrix concentration inequalities via exchangeable pairs
Mark Veraar Dudley's representation theorem in infinite dimensions and weak characterizations of stochastic integrability